We thought we would share about a wonderful client that we’ve had since our business started. It is a perfect way to show the many avenues of assistance that Extended Hands are able to provide to seniors and recovering former patients. Pat’s husband had suffered a stoke and onset of  Alzheimer’s. So not only did she need us for safety issues in the home but also for household maintenance that she was unable to keep up with. Her husband came home and we began by rearranging furniture and clearing out clutter for more room and easier access. We then installed grab bars and toilet handles using their input for proper height and comfort. We also improved lighting, fixed 2 pocket doors and patio slider doors and rewired doorbell. We even put U.V. film on her skylight.Then pictures were hung, water filter added, ice maker fixed, and  A/C filter changed. Now that her husbands immediate needs were taken care of, we moved on to the garage. This needed completely reorganized and was handled by deciding what was kept, donated, thrown away or stored.The garage was decluttered, labeled and  her husbands work area simplified. We also patched and painted areas of drywall that were unsightly. Pat then needed the front and side yards landscaped, edged and mulched. Trees were trimmed, flower beds needed stones and fence line cleared. Fertilizer was put down then ant and flea treatment. A bird house was installed and guttering repaired. Next was the pool area that needed pressure washed, pump line leak fixed and screened lanai drilled and rebolted to concrete. Pat was simply relieved that this was taken off her shoulders so that she could devote her time to her husbands rehab. We were then recalled back, months later, to put up Pats Christmas decorations and rearranged furniture as their needs demanded. A month later we took down the decorations and got started with more yard work. In the Spring, more landscaping work was performed, trees trimmed,a new toilet flush kit installed, bulbs changed, A/C filter changed, stove fan filter cleaned and pool/lanai area was pressure washed again.

Unfortunately, her husbands health declined and he had to be moved to a facility. Pat asked us to take care of this so we rented a truck, loaded his favorite possessions, recliner, bed, T.V. books and clothes and moved them to his new residence.  All Pat’s fears and concerns were laid to rest as we made the transition as comfortable and seamless as possible.