Services we offer:

  • Safety Equipment Installation
  • Grab bars
  • Access Ramps
  • Home modifications & maintenance
  • Home checks & repairs when you are away
  • Downsizing and decluttering
  • In home personal and cognitive safety checks
  • Personal advocate
  • Health care claims
Filing for benefits
  • Doctor appointment advocacy  ( we know what to ask)
  • Home organization
  • Daily money management/bill pay: banking
  • Mail management
  • Receipt management for taxes and warranties

Home maintenance

Home maintenance is one of those things that can be easy to forget or put off because many tasks require work once in a while or a few times a year. Phrases like “that’s not necessary” or “it can wait until later” can change a relatively inexpensive repair into a very costly project. For many of us, our homes are our biggest investment. Yet, most people will spend more money per year getting their vehicles serviced compared to the amount of money they spend on their homes. Studies show that well maintained homes sell faster and for a higher price as opposed to a poorly maintained home. Luckily for our clients, we have developed a comprehensive maintenance program to keep your home in excellent condition.

Home Modifications

Home Modifications are changes made to help living spaces adapt to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so they can continue to live independently and safely. These modifications include assistive technology or structural changes to the home. Modifications can range from something as simple as replacing cabinet pull handles to full-scale construction projects that require installing wheelchair ramps and widening doors.

The main benefit of making a home modification is that they promote independence and prevent accidents. According to a recent AARP housing survey, 83% of older American’s want to remain in their home for the rest of their lives. Though, other studies show that most homes are actually not designed to accommodate the needs of people over the age of 65. Research by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that home modification and repairs may prevent 30%-50% of all home accidents (e.g. falling) among seniors.

We have over 40 years of experience in the construction industry in addition to being certified aging in place specialists (CAPS). We offer free home assessments, so your family has a fundamental understanding of safety measures your loved ones can take. Let our family help your family.